Chapter 7: Repetition

2 Dec

This chapter is called Repetition because the book wasn’t repetitive enough already. Bella continues to be moderately insane but aware of her insanity, Jacob continues to be a glorious beautiful person, and Smeyer does that abysmal thing she calls “foreshadowing” again.

The chapter opens with the same melancholic song and dance as Bella is going to see Edward’s abandoned house.

I wasn’t sure what the hell I was doing here. Was I trying to push myself back into the zombie stupor? Had I turned masochistic — developed a taste for torture? I should have gone straight down to La Push. I felt much, much healthier around Jacob. (pg.159)

  1. Smeyer, did you just say hell? Bad Mormon!
  2. Did you really just define ‘masochistic’ for us in case we were too stupid to know what it meant when you think your tween audience knows words like ‘chagrin’?
  3. Thank you for being self-aware, Bella. It is disturbing but comforting.

Bella wants to go see Edward’s house to see if she can hear his voice in her head again. The fact that she is aware of her insanity only makes the whole thing spookier. Bella doesn’t hear Edward’s voice but manages to leave before the pages of dripping emo goo get too bad.

After that pointful diversion, Bella goes to visit Jacob like usual and the first part of this chapter is never spoken of again.

Jacob is being FUCKING ADORABLE like usual. He is still the only character that Smeyer has created who is actually fleshed out and not an utter abomination to behold. These qualities even rub off on Bella a little bit, and she becomes more tolerable in Jacob scenes, as well, though she seems determined to remain Just Friends. Jacob wants to be More Than Friends.

It bothers me that Smeyer doesn’t seem to believe in women having straight male friends who are just male friends. Can we have a little more Harry and Hermione in here? Their friendship makes me so, so cheerful.

Now that Bella is talking to Mike again, he takes his first opportunity to ask her out while they are at work. Bella is nice enough to actually say yes this time, and mature enough to say that it will be as friends and not a date. But still, why can’t Smeyer accept the idea of a male being friends with a female without wanting to bang her? Also, Mike, why do you still want to date Bella?

Smeyer goes on for a while about how things are like they were last January when Bella moved to Forks and it’s supposed to be metaphorical and symbolic that things have come “full circle” or whatever. She is trying to be subtle about this theme but it isn’t working.

Bella’s friends at school have immediately changed back into being the most accepting people ever. Except for Jessica, and Bella can’t understand how Jess isn’t still her best friend and is still angry. She wonders if Jess wants a “formal written apology.” Gee, Bella, I WONDER why Jess hates you at this point.

A few days later, Jacob surprises Bella by having the bikes all done and ready to go. He even tied little ribbons around Bella’s bike like it’s a wrapped gift. JACOB YOU ARE SO CUTE.

On their way to ride in secret, they see some boys jumping off a cliff. Bella freaks out but Jacob explains that they are just cliff diving into the water and it’s how the Native boys show how tuff and cool and cool and tuff they are. Bella wants to go cliff diving because she thinks it is reckless. Is this the plot of the book? Bella looking for reckless things to do because Edward told her not to?

Jacob spends way too many pages talking about this “gang” on the reserve lead by Sam Umbry, the guy who found Bella when she was trying to drown herself in a puddle in the forest. They are a goody-goody gang and this bothers Jacob, especially because Sam is waiting for Jacob to join the “gang.” Embry, one of Jacob’s best friends, just joined the gang even though he hated the gang too, and now Embry won’t talk to Jacob anymore. Jacob says he’s going to have a “coming of age” transformation soon and everyone always joins the gang after that.

It is honestly like Smeyer is dancing around with a big sign for ten pages that reads “JACOB IS A WEREWOLF BUT YOU DON’T KNOW THAT YET LALALALA FORESHADOWING”

At least it’s not spoiled on the back of the book this time.


2 Responses to “Chapter 7: Repetition”

  1. arallyn December 2, 2010 at 3:13 pm #

    With heterosexual males 15-24, it’s nearly impossible to have a “platonic” friendship with a female that he did not know since early childhood without sexual attraction. How much he’s able to hide it (if he’s not one of the very rare ones who are hetero leaning asexual who don’t have problems like that) is really what has to be measured. Most sorta suck at it. Just sayin’. :P
    REFERENCES YO (if you cant access it it’s a meta analysis of previous male/female platonic relationships throughout life)

    • Amy-jean December 2, 2010 at 7:19 pm #

      INTERESTING. Unfortunately I cannot read it because it says I have to sign in or pay $25 to have access to it for a day D:

      You really think guys can’t be friends with girls if they are totally hetero (like a 0 or a 1 on the Kinsey scale) without kind of wanting to bang her? You can find someone attractive without wanting to do anything sexual with them, right? I do have a close male friend who I definitely am not and never will be attracted to in any way to the point where he is totally asexual in my mind, but I think that’s just in my mind. I suppose he could just be gay or actually asexual. Man, this would be so much easier if everyone could accept the spectrum of sexuality and not make such a deal out of it.

      Andrew says he’s got a friend back home who is a lady who is certainly into men, but they have one of those Harry-Hermione relationships, as he tells it. Hopefully he will see this comment and elaborate? Then again, Andrew is not a normal human being so I don’t think normal conventions apply (I say this with all the love in my heart, Andrew).

      I really wish I could read the article though. I love stuff like this.

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