Chapter 12: Intruder

30 Apr

In this relatively short chapter, many details are revealed. Unfortunately, we already knew every single one of these details, but let’s pretend this is all new and exciting, shall we?

When we left off last time, Bella had awoken in the middle of the night to a scratching on her window. Who could it be?


That’s what Bella thinks, as her heart pounds in her ears, flinging the window open, only to see… Jacob, up in a tree.

Jacob, what are you doing in a tree?

Jacob somehow swings into Bella’s bedroom through her open window and immediately begins trying to apologize for being an ass to a very confused Bella. She tells him she doesn’t accept his apology and tries to make him leave, since she is somewhat understandably flustered to have a shirtless man standing in her bedroom in the middle of the night. Yeah, by the way, he is shirtless, and huge.

Bella calms down a little bit, and Jacob tries once more to apologize. He’s being more like his usual nice Jacob self and less like his awful Edwardish self from the last chapter. Jacob struggles to speak, saying that he wished he could tell Bella what is going on, but that it isn’t his secret to tell. They acknowledge that Bella can understand that, because she’s had a secret like that, too (like her boyfriend being a bloodthirsty vampire, for example?)

Jacob decides that although he is bound to keep his secret, if Bella can figure it out on her own, then that should be okay. He tells her that she already knows his secret because he told her when they first met on the beach. Of course, all Bella can remember of that day is Jacob telling her that Edward is a vampire (all I can remember of that day was it was the first time I didn’t want to gouge my eyes out reading this thing). Jacob is sad that Edward is the only thing Bella can remember about that day, if totally unsurprised. At least they finally get it out in the open that they both know that Edward is a vampire so they can stop doing that stupid song and dance.

Before Jacob leaves, he apologizes again to Bella, this time for breaking the promise that he made that night at the movies, that he would never hurt her. JACOB YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL

Jacob leaves once Bella promises him to think more about the stories he told her at the beach that day once she has some sleep. That night, Bella has the same dream she had the night she found out Edward was a vampire. I really hate that Smeyer uses dreams like this so often. It feels like such a cop out. Instead of just, you know, piecing events together and using a little logic, Bella always has things come to her or be explained to her in dreams. In case you have forgotten, Smeyer basically copy-pastes the dream for us. She’s in the meadow, and Jacob is telling her to run from Edward, then Jacob turns into a giant wolf. Bella wakes up in hysterics… seriously.

But Charlie didn’t come in, and eventually I was able to strangle the strange screeching coming out of my throat. (pg,292)

Is she possessed or something?

This dream does its job to chug the stupid plot along, and makes Bella remember the story Jacob told her about the vampires being the enemies of the werewolves, and how Jacob’s people are the brothers of the wol… HOLY SHIT



Bella’s head then nearly explodes trying to figure out why so many mythical creatures are wandering about her small town, and that her only friends hadn’t even been human, not even Jacob.

What did this say about me? I knew the answer to that one. It said that there was something deeply wrong with me. Why else would my life be filled with characters from horror movies? (pg.294)

Why indeed, Bella? Once again, this self-awareness utterly disturbs me.

Bella realizes she must apologize to Jacob for thinking he was in a scary evil cult, and she must thank him for saving her from Laurent. She rushes downstairs to head to La Push, but she’s stopped by Charlie who is wondering where she is going so early without breakfast. He tells her not to make any stops along the way to Jacob’s because there have been even more wolf attacks. There is a bounty on wolf carcasses, so that means there will be lots of hunters in the woods and he is worried Bella might get accidentally shot. This news makes Bella freak out because if wolves are being hunted, Jacob is being hunted.

Charlie can’t understand why Bella is so upset about wolves being killed.

“You aren’t turning into a tree-hugger on me, are you?” (pg.296)

Oh boy. No daughter of mine is a dirty liberal!, you mean.

Bella is torn. Charlie leaves, and she sits on the kitchen floor to try to put things in order in her mind. Should she tell Charlie not to hunt the wolves? Should she warn Jacob? Or does this mean Jacob is a murderer, and he and his friends are the ones responsible for the hikers going missing?

I’m going to guess and say it’s actually vampires killing people and the werewolves were there trying to save the people, and they just got the blame because vampires can run incredibly fast and all that, but, uh, it’s just a hunch.


2 Responses to “Chapter 12: Intruder”

  1. servantoftheworld July 6, 2011 at 11:58 am #

    Great review, once again!

    When I orginally read this chapter, I felt like I was reading bad fanfiction. (More than I usually did, that is.) The dream-epiphany trope is so overused. Didn’t Bella have this dream in the first book? Or am I just blurring the books together? In a way, I am impressed with Meyer. She managed to ruin vampires, common tropes, healthy relationships, werewolves, and first person narration all in four books. Really, that’s kind of impressive. Depressing, but impressive.

    • Amy-jean July 20, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

      Ugh, tell me about it. I think the dream was originally in the first book, and it made her have the epiphany that Edward is a vampire. How fitting that the exact same dream should be used to help her figure out that Jacob is a werewolf!
      I am having an even harder time than usual picking these books up again, they are so awful.

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