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Chapter 24: An Impasse & Epilogue

1 Nov

Here we are, kids. The end of Twilight. It’s not the end of this blog, though… I still have movies to watch, and the rest of the series to read. Here is what happens at the end of the novel. It is kind of longer than I thought (the epilogue is honestly another chapter) so I’ll have thoughts about the book as a whole posted before my movie vlog.

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Chapter 12: Balancing

30 Aug

I have no idea why this chapter is called Balancing, or why the first 2/3 of the chapter even exists. Nothing happens.

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Chapter 11: Complications

26 Aug

In this episode of Amy-Jean reads Twilight, nothing happens. So I wrote a little play for you.


a play for the stage by Amy-Jean M, esq.

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Chapter 10: Interrogations

24 Aug

In this chapter, we gather proof that Edward and Bella are the two creepiest individuals alive, so maybe they are made for each other after all, since I really don’t know who else would have them.

I can only assume that this is the set up for what will be the “plot” of the remainder of the book (of the series?): Edward and Bella’s creepy, manipulative, abusive relationship.

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Chapter 7: Nightmare

10 Aug

In this chapter, Bella gets emo to embarrassing music, makes her worst life decision yet, and Stephenie Meyer violates all laws of foreshadowing. Are you ready for this? I’m not.

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Chapter 6: Scary Stories

7 Aug

I have an exciting announcement to make. This might be difficult to believe, but this ended up being an okay chapter. At the end, I didn’t feel like feeding myself to a pit of hungry lions, like I usually do.

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Chapter 5: Blood Type

5 Aug

I don’t know why this is a separate chapter, other than the fact that Stephenie Meyer probably thought it was a witty title.

The chapter begins halfway through the school day in chapter 4. Mike is trailing behind Bella, as per usual, inviting her to go to the beach on the weekend since it’s going to stop raining. Instead of being overjoyed that her least favourite weather in all the world will give her a break, Bella is still cranky because it’ll be under 50 degrees (which is like 10 degrees Celsius).

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Chapter 4: Invitations

4 Aug

Bella has a dream that Edward is glowing. The remainder of the chapter is high school dance drama. Are you excited or are you excited? Let’s do this.

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Chapter 3: Phenomenon

26 Jul

In this chapter, the infamous car crash scene happens.

You know the one.

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Chapter 2: Open Book

25 Jul

Bella tells us the next day was better because it wasn’t raining. But it was worse, much worse otherwise. Let’s call the WAHMBULANCE! It’s still cloudy, it was too windy to sleep, everyone in school was paying less attention to her than yesterday, she gave THE WRONG ANSWER in class, and of all the horrors in the world, she had to play volleyball! To make things even worse, Edward isn’t even at school. Poor Bella’s got no one to seethe and glare at her. And get this! Mike (who has graduated from Bella’s “puppy dog” to her “golden retriever friend” [I think Meyer takes comparing cute boys to puppies far too seriously]) is being nice to her again. I mean, how dare he? Can’t he tell Bella wants to be alone? Even though she just finished complaining about no one paying attention to her?

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