about girl

I’m called Amy-Jean. I’m a twentysomething British-Canadian lady who lives in Montréal with a cat called Mister Spock and a boyfriend called Andrew. I grew up in Nova Scotia.

I’m studying to be a Linguist at Concordia University and I’m kind of a huge polyglot. Language is my favourite thing. I could read when I was two years old, and in grade school I was loved/hated as that kid who corrects everyone’s grammar/had yelling matches with all the English teachers. You can see why Stephenie Meyer and I don’t get along.

I am a basically a left-wing, vegetarian, artsy, socialist, feminist, atheist geek.

I work at a Ben&Jerry’s where I scoop ice cream for hours. In my free time, I play video games and drink tea and slave over my tablet. And, um, read Twilight.

My favourite Pokémon are Ampharos and Haunter, and my favourite Doctor is the Tenth. Blightning is the best Magic card ever. I like Captain Picard better than Captain Kirk, and Lady Gaga better than anyone. Well, except maybe David Bowie.

You can probably find out more about me on my tumblr than you ever will on an about me page. I also have one dedicated to video games if you’re into that.

Send me love letters/hate mail at amyjean (at) gmail (dot) com


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