Some frequently* asked Qs.
*not really all that frequently

A work in constant progress. Ask stuff by email, formspring, or tumblr. Anons are welcome.

Q: What exactly are you doing?

A: I am reading the Twilight series. After each chapter, I make a post containing my critique or review or thoughts or whatever about said chapter. I try to even out the hilarious and the serious business. I try to keep the going crazy to a minimum.

Q: So you don’t like Twilight?

A: Goodness no.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: You can read the long-winded answer here. In short, because the Twilight series contains some incredibly messed up and dangerous messages. It is so dangerous because the series is so obsessed over, mostly by young women who need good role models. Bella is no such role model, and no one should treat women the way Edward does. This blog is my way of showing people why Twilight is bad for them. Plus, it’s cathartic. And fun, in a sort of masochistic way.

Q: How often do you update?

A: As often as I can talk myself into it. I work a lot, and go to school, and also try to sort of have a life (if hanging out with my boyfriend or playing video games counts as “a life”) so it’s been less frequently than I’d like. Right now I am trying to get back into doing at least a chapter a week. Hopefully two, because I don’t want to be doing this forever.

Q: What is your writing process?

A: As I read the chapter, I take notes, usually on my laptop. I also type out any quotations I think I might use. Actually, by “taking notes” what I really mean is I practically write a point-form rough draft of my post, since I have a hard time writing down anything less than a complete thought. Once I am finished reading the chapter, I try to write the post right away, so anything I’m feeling while reading (anger, disgust, occasional relief) carries over to the blog. Then I go through my big folder o’ gifs and macros so you can all look at pretty pictures. As well, whenever I read or listen to interviews with Smeyer, I take notes down for later. Same goes for any Mormon research I do.

Q: Where can I read Midnight Sun?

A: It’s unfinished, and it probably always will be. You can read what there is of it on Smeyer’s website, specifically on this page.

Q: Why do you hate Twilight/Smeyer so much?

A: Why don’t you read my blog to find out? Here are my thoughts on the first book as a whole.

Q: Do you like Harry Potter?

A: I fucking love Harry Potter.

Q: Are you some crazy Feminazi or something?

A: I obviously don’t hate men, and I don’t think women are better. If you think gender equality is unimportant, or that women should not feel empowered or be encouraged to respect themselves, then you should probably take a closer look at your values. If you don’t know much about feminism at all, or think maybe it’s something that entails a lot of man-hating a bra-burning, this is a really good article to start with. You may discover that you are actually a feminist, and that is awesome.

Q: Something that you said was really (x)-ist/fucked up.

I’m completely not a perfect person, and I acknowledge that I have various privileges (white, cis, hetero, passing as able) and am new to policing my language for some types of (x)-ist language (for example, I have a hard time getting rid of the word ‘lame’ in my speech even though I know it is ableist and even though I am disabled). I’m not a social justice expert. But I’m trying to get better, so please point it out to me when I say something troubling.

Q: Why do you hate Mormons so much?

A: I don’t hate Mormons. I don’t actually know any practicing Mormons personally, so it would be difficult for me to hate them. I think many Mormon beliefs are messed up, though, particularly regarding the treatment of women and the way sex and relationships are handled. I hate the doctrine, not the people.

Q: Why do you think you know any better than Smeyer?

A: It’s all my opinion, obviously, but instead of just ranting about the series like most Twilight haters do, I’m giving you the evidence and explaining my stance (complete with flashy gifs!). Feel free to disagree with what I have to say. As far as tearing into Smeyer’s writing “skills” go, language is my thing. I speak seven of them. I’m studying to be a linguist, I’ve been reading since I was two years old, and I’ve taken university-level literature classes. Specifically in the fantasy genre. Although it’s not like that really means anything, since Smeyer herself has a degree in English literature from a university. I guess you are just going to have to trust me on this language thing.

Q: Ew, you’re such a nerd.

A: Whatever. My Pokemon understand me.

Q: Will you marry me?

A: You can discuss that with my boyfriend.


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